2016 Republic Day Speech 26th January. In schools and colleges you will be asked to give a speech on Republic Day of India and you should be ready with a spectacular speech. Here is one for you.

On this
auspicious occasion, let  us pay homage  to  the valiant and
brave heroes who laid down their lives for the cause of freedom
of our nation so that their future generations could live as free
citizens – independent  to determine their  own  destiny. Let us
also remember our great and visionary leaders who guided this
nation when it was in its infancy and ensured that it would one
day reap the fruits of their hard­work and selfless service.
2. This day belongs to those numerous silent workers, farmers, doctors, engineers, teachers who are  working relentlessly for
strengthening  the foundations of our democracy. I also  greet
the members of our armed forces, para­military forces, our
border­guards and our naval and air warriors without the efforts
of whom, we would not have come to occupy the place of pride
that we today enjoy in the geo­political scenario.
3. I, in particular, am proud of all the patriotic  people of Arunachal
Pradesh who have demonstrated their  indomitable Arunachali spirit,
immense moral courage and fortitude in standing resolute against all
odds  and are actively working tirelessly for  maintaining peace and
harmony, and at the same time, vigorously pursuing the
developmental activities in the State.
4. Over the last 67 years, our nation has faced numerous challenges,
both from  within and outside. Yet, with each such challenge, it has
emerged as  a stronger and a much more mature nation. Our
cherished values of being a ‘sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic
Republic’, so deeply enshrined in the preamble of our  Constitution
should continue to be our  guiding principles  in future so that we
continue to get the strength, wisdom, ability and blessings  to face
such challenges for all times to come.

th year of our Statehood. It is a watershed moment for
our State – a time to rejoice as well as to reflect. We have today been
placed on a launch­pad where we have the energy of youth and the
wisdom  of age. The Central Govt. has been laying a concentrated
focus on the Development of North­Eastern Region and that of our
State in particular. It is an opportune moment and we must all ensure
that we make it’s optimal use. As the tri­colour flutters majestically, let
us  commit  ourselves  to live up to our  duties and responsibilities  in
realizing the vision of a developed Arunachal Pradesh as members of
6. I now propose to briefly highlight some of the achievements of
my Govt. of the  year gone­by and the vision and the priorities for
the year to come.
7. It shall be the  commitment of my Government to ensure
education  and  health  facilities to  all  the  sections of the  Society. Maintenance of law and order and providing affordable, early and
equitable justice to all  shall  continue  to be  accorded high priority. Promoting  economic activity in  the  State  by boosting  tourism, agriculture  and  horticulture  and  harnessing  the  rich hydro­power
and mineral potential of the State shall be important thrust areas. While promoting growth and development, it shall be ensured that
rights of the indigenous people are in no ways affected and the rich
forest area in the State continues to be preserved. Highest priority
shall be given to  unconnected habitations along  the  International
Border by taking up projects to provide them drinking water facilities
and physical connectivity. The developmental agenda of increasing
employment opportunities, eradicating  poverty and  eliminating
inequality shall continue to be pursued. There shall be a special and
concentrated drive against corruption and streamlining of PDS shall
continue to be pursued vigorously.
8. Last year, my Govt. became  the  first in the  North­East and
amongst the  first in  the  entire country to implement the
recommendations of the 6 th pay commission, with full arrears, for all
its employees. Inspite of serious financial constraints and receiving
no additional help from the Central Govt, we  were able to honour
our  commitment to  our  employees. Although  this led  to an
additional financial burden of more than Rs. 1,500 crores, through
financial  discipline and probity, we  were  able  to  keep  our
expenditure  within  the  limits mandated  by the  Central  Govt. and
Reserve Bank of India.
9. After a gap of several years, the wages of contingency workers
were  substantially enhanced this year. This significant step of the
Govt. shall  bring comfort to  more  than 20,000  house­holds who
were hitherto maintaining their families at less than Rs. 80 per day. The  wages of the  longest serving contingency employees have
been increased to almost thrice their present rate and reservation
for them in regular employment has been introduced. This shall also
have a multiplier effect on the State economy as other Central Govt. organizations like  BRO shall  also  be  constrained  to  increase  the
wages for their manual labourers. 1% labour welfare cess has been
made  compulsory and  computerization  of all  employment
exchanges is on the anvil.
10. We received unprecedented support from the Central Govt. in
our developmental efforts in the last year. We received a jump of
almost 300%  in  our  allocation  under  13 th Finance  Commission
compared  to  that under  12 th Finance  Commission. Similarly, the
Annual Plan Size for 2010­11 is fixed at Rs. 2,500 crores which is
almost 25%  higher  than  the  Plan  Size  for  2009­10. This is
unprecedented!. For the first time  in  the  last five  years, our State
had a positive projection of its own resources. Our own tax revenue
increased  to double  and  non­tax revenue  to almost three times
during 2009­10 as compared to 2005­06 due to good performance
from Departments like hydro­power, Tax and Excise, Geology and
Mining and Forests etc.

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